Strategic Planning

  • Facilitation of the strategic planning process
  • Participation in strategic problem solving
  • Assistance in follow-up action items towards successful implementation of the strategic plan adopted

Organizational Development

  • Translating strategy into organizational design and structure
  • Identifying necessary actions to create the organization required to fulfill the strategy desired
  • Resolving conflicts and impediments to progress

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

  • One-on-one leadership development towards the goal of self-learning sooner than later
  • Mentoring professionals with high leadership aptitude to prepare them for the role
  • Workshops and seminars on a wide variety of leadership topics

Human Resources

  • Staffing planning and professional search services
  • reinforcement programs for executive and company-wide applications
  • Performance management systems, from job design and career progression, to performance management, evaluation, and feedback systems, to performance improvement programs
  • Risk reduction: regulatory compliance, employee relations, conflict resolution, HR systems and tools

Total Rewards: Compensation and Benefits

  • Development of base pay structures for staff, management and executives
  • Development of incentive and other variable pay plans, including gainsharing and phantom stock plans
  • Competitive analysis of compensation and benefit programs
  • Draft of welfare plan documents in accordance with organizational goals and applicable external requirements

Analytical Offerings

  • Using Porter’s 5 Forces and other strategic analyses to match strategies to market dynamics and maturity profiles
  • Using economic, demographic and industry data to create predictive models for revenue, profitability, market changes and investment decisions
  • Creating pre/post acquisition valuation models to generate ROI, IRR, NPV for investors
  • Statistical analysis incorporating multiple regression, ANOVA, correlation studies and other analytical tools
  • Market research for new product offerings, niche analyses, viability of business models and investment
  • Investment due diligence incorporating quantitative, qualitative and regulatory elements