HRG, Inc. was founded in 1989 to provide expert guidance to small and large organizations alike. Since then, HRG has served over 1,200 clients in San Diego and across the country. We specialize in Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Human Resources.

We Facilitate Self Sufficiency

Our purpose with each assignment and each client is to work ourselves out of a job. From the initial meeting and identification of the specific client need we begin development of a strategy to transfer the knowledge, tools, and expertise required to our client.

How We Work
With You

We prefer to identify a specific project with a specific outcome and a deliverable time frame rather than working on a retainer basis. This holds us accountable and ensures that client expectations are met.

Practical Advice

Our Consultants have both Human Resource Competency and real world Line Management Experience. Our advice and practices tend away from the theoretical and more to the practical, simple, and effective approaches you need to make your business a success.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee customer satisfaction. If we do not meet the expectations we have agreed upon with you we don’t expect to get paid.