Philosophy and Culture


  • Integrity—We will provide sincere direct communication and feedback from every level in our organization.
  • Diligence—We are diligent in our efforts and will ensure that our commitments to you are met during each step of every project.
  • Results—We guarantee our work and set clear expectations with you before we initiate service. We’re not satisfied until you are.


  • We are a cohesive team of self-managed, self-motivated professionals.
  • We are here to be present, contribute, problem solve, teach, and learn.
  • We listen.
  • We take responsibility for customer satisfaction both individually and collectively.
  • We value direct communication, accept responsibility for our actions, and look for opportunities to take blame and give credit, rather than the reverse.
  • We encourage good humor.
  • We spontaneously and frequently give recognition to a job well done.
  • We strive for growth and embrace change.
  • We don’t hire employees to work for us—we invite colleagues to contribute to our efforts.
  • We value efficiency and regularly look for ways to work smarter.
  • We feel pain when we make mistakes and we are careful not to repeat them.
  • We value accountability, measure our results, and celebrate our successes.